Chaos Bunnies: Pins & Magnets

Love it when new stuff comes in, especially Chaos Bunnies stuff! I’m happy to announce that we’ve just added some new goods to the store. Check out the new Chaos Bunnies Pin Collection and the Magnet Series – they’re available now and ready to be pinned up on your favorite hat or slapped onto the fridge.

The Pin Collection includes 5 enamel pins (with epoxy finish), up to 2.25 inches tall, with some special features like bobble ears, glow-in-the-dark eyes, or dangling crossbones. Mr. Bunny, Lava Bunny, Jolly Roger Bunny, Spaced-Out Bunny and Cactus Bunny are each individually packaged and are available separately ($12 USD) or together as a full-set ($55 USD).

The Magnet Series includes four acrylic magnets, each 3.5 inches tall. Leopard Bunny, Bipolar Bunny, Funny Bunny and Calavera Bunny are each individually packaged and available in our store separately ($8 USD) or together as a full-set ($30 USD).

All available HERE.

Please contact us here for wholesale inquiries:

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