Hello Kitty: Timeless

I’m very excited to announce “Timeless” my latest giclee print available exclusively from the Hello Kitty Con 2014 at the Geffen Contemporaty at MOCA in Los Angeles, Oct. 30 – Nov. 2. It’s a limited edition print (only 75 produced) measuring 16×20″ in size, and created especially for Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary. All the Hello Kitty Con 2014 details can be found HERE.

Explanation of the print:

In my eyes, Hello Kitty is not unlike an ancient Greek goddess. For starters, she is ever-present in our pop culture. Instead of stories, we’ve learned about her mythology and adventures through countless plush dolls, pencil cases and t-shirts. On top of this, Hello Kitty defies physics, transcending space and time with her 40-year longevity and recognition the world over.

Hello Kitty’s superpower is her ability to encapsulate beauty in simplicity. This simplicity invites us all to attach our own personal feelings, memories and ideas to her. As an artist deeply involved in creating strong characters, she has always been a shining example of how to do so much with so little.

In an attempt to portray this visually in an artwork, I have enshrined Hello Kitty as the living goddess she is. I have carefully used fruits and objects to symbolize many of the different attributes that I have always associated with her. Please checkout the images above to reference the symbolism I invoked to write my “love letter” to Hello Kitty.

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Fun Fact / Joe’s Magnus Maximus solo show in 2010 was inspired by his adventures during his “Amalgamation” European tour.