PhotoLab Contest Winners!

Wow! Now THAT was fun!

Thank you everyone who sent submissions in (via Facebook and Instagram) for the Mr. Bunny’s PhotoLab Contest. We had a fantastic time going through all your creations; we laughed, we cried and we sighed. Not only are you pretty dang creative, but you all have very cute kids and adorable pets! I would invite you all to take a look at all the entries here. This will give you a measure of how difficult it was to narrow down the finalists and eventually choose a winner. Like we said on the outset of the contest we will judge based on originality, creativity and popularity of posts. Here are the winners, and why we chose them:

2nd Runner Up: Mathias Angelo
The weight-lifter! We all loved this one the moment we saw it. We love how it was planned out and is really quite funny. We also love how it really captures the spirit of PhotoLab. Great originality, use of the characters, thought bubble, sign, etc. Very cool Mathias!

1st Runner Up: Popcornhead_
Popcornhead_ submitted a lot of entries. They were all great and this one in particular stood out. The great use of characters, colors, fun elements, and the way the hands reach down through the surface is fantastic. Congrats Popcornhead_!

Grand Prize winner: Jason Cross
Jason probably submitted the most of anyone in the contest. He had some fantastic entries, but this one stood out above everyone else’s. This winning image is simple but complicated and eye-catching. From concept, originality, execution and composition, this one was clearly the unanimous winner. Cheers Jason!

Thank you all so much again for participating in the Mr. Bunny’s PhotoLab contest. We hope you continue to have a blast creating fun and ridiculous pics with the App! Also stay tuned because we have some more Mr. Bunny’s PhotoLab App updates just around the corner.


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