The Tourist

Be a traveller, not a tourist – the insightful Anthony Bourdain often says, and I couldn’t agree more. The difference being that a traveller learns from the new cultures and traditions they are experiencing. They take their time, make new friends, and get into the rhythms of their new surroundings – often taking home profound life experiences, collecting new perspectives and adventures instead of cheap souvenirs. This new print is my commentary on that stereotypical tourist, (you know the ones) as they’re often hearded through tourist traps on Segways, and geared up with Crocs, selfie sticks, fanny packs, t-shirts and ball caps. You really can’t miss ’em, as they clumsily barge through the crowds spending more time taking selfies, or snapping photos with their giant iPads than enjoying their surroundings and taking in the beauty with their own eyes, and making human connections. As quickly as they arrive they disappear in a stampede back to the massive cruise ship and off to the next destination.

I’m not trying to take this too seriously of course, just poking fun at the clumsy and demanding tourists – and maybe creating a bit of a reminder of something the world needs a bit more of: understanding different perspectives and peoples around the world. We are more similar then they would have you believe. Pack your bags, let’s go travel someplace totally different and get out of our comfort zone for a while!

Measuring in at 18×24″ and a limited edition of just 50. Each archival print is signed by the artist, numbered and embossed. $80 USD here.

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