Totem Print Sculpture

Blurring the lines between fine art print, sculpture and fun, artist Joe Ledbetter has joined forces with Prints on Wood to release a special new print sculpture!

This unique objet d’art features two double-sided fine art prints on wood, fitting together to form a fantastic stand-alone Totem sculpture. Created by Joe Ledbetter, this fascinating new piece flirts with multiple dimensions as 2D surfaces interact within a 3D space, making it a 2.5D creation. Totem stands over 2 feet tall (15-inches wide), with 4 unique intersections of artwork.

Due to the extensive production process, amount of time and care involved in making each Totem, we’ve decided to make this a timed release. We will make as many as are sold within a 6-day period, which will dictate the edition size, then they will be signed and numbered by the artist. Totem is fully produced in Riverside, CA and will ship from there. All orders will be shipped in time for Christmas.

Totem is sold out.

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