Working Holiday

You may have noticed that we spend a lot of time in Italy. Four years ago I met an amazing girl there, and eventually married her. We go back to Rome as often as possible to visit her family and friends, and always have a fantastic time. My Italian is slowly improving and I’m starting to get to know my way around the place! We’ve also been gradually putting together an office/work studio at the family’s house in Rome so we’re as productive as possible while we are away for long periods (Gotta keep the lights on back in California). I’m beginning to think of Rome as as our European HQ.

However, this trip was different. This time my side of the family came to visit us here in Italy. We gave them the grand tour (well, as much of the country as we had time for). Rome, Orvieto, Florence, Bologna, Verona and Venice were on the agenda. What an adventure it was, and exciting to see, taste and discover Italy again for the first time through their eyes. Here are some random pics I took of interesting things.

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